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NEW Revlon

Salon Blemish Remover

A professional tool designed to help remove blemishes safely and hygienically



The hygienic way to remove unwanted blemishes. Our dual-end blemish removal tool has a long flat loop that is specially designed to extract whiteheads, while the other end features a small angled loop that is designed to gently remove blackheads. Easy to clean, disinfect and will last for years to come.

Steps for extraction:
1. Cleanse the skin with warm water to expand the pores and loosen sebum
2. Place the tool over the blackhead, whitehead or blemish and press gently on one side, moving the tool across the affected area
3. Wipe away the sebum gently with a tissue
4. Cleanse the area again to ensure the pore doesn’t become infected
5. Disinfect the tool by washing it in hot, soapy water


  • Custom designed body provides added control and comfort
  • Hand finished by master craftsmen for optimal performance
  • Made in Germany by master craftsmen
  • Revlon Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects